I hate what people called “youth”; those who cherished and enjoying it, just go die!

… or so what Hikigaya Hachiman has been thinking during his highschool.

Well, the reason is pretty simple: Because our world is based upon prejudice and stereotype. You either get along with it or striving against the current which will grant you a free life in solitude. Surprisingly, this the truth. You can’t do anything to change it. We, the psychologist and psychology scientist has been spending years or maybe decades to solve this issue, but so far one can. Even B*rrack Ob*ma.

We can’t change it, but we can cope with it. This anime has been asking questions towards our community. Simple trivial question but often gets ignored because… I dunno…, inconvenient? Or mere ignorance? You see, in today society topics on a certain division of personality has been a very interesting topics, about some members of society which doesn’t really enjoy social activity, choose to be alone in their small-closed world all by their own self. We often call this type of people by “Introverted personality” or just “introvert” is fine. They’re people who enjoy being alone and enjoy doing solitude activity, dislike party, and gets easily stressed if placed or work around crowds. In some extreme cases, they could be easily perceived as an anti-social abnormal (which most of it not actually true). But, the funny thing is, these kind of people (introvert) is way more sensitive towards people around them. They’re the first one to notice if something goes wrong around them. But often they perceived as insensitive. They are actually noticed, but can’t just brought things up like an extrovert would. These perceived-as-antisocial people sometimes attract another person to want to help them or make their life harder. Either in an assertive way or another way around. Since…., lets face it, we do thinks that a loner is “unhealthy”, whatever that means. But, we often forget to ask “Do they choose to be a loner or forced to be one”, “Do they want to change, or they don’t want to?”.

This anime is also reflect upon human’s relationship, which is complex but simple. Its complex because its not as simply as “1+1=2” but simple because…, remember: “This world is built upon prejudice and stereotype”. And, another one which hasn’t been covered in this anime is “Because human is simply a social creature, which cannot living alone”. Someone might enjoy solitude, but no one can bear loneliness. We, humans are always seek for attachment towards another one whether we meant to or not. That was also why Hachiman cannot leave Yui alone and sometimes helping Yukino without being asked to. That was also why Hachiman almost hate himself when rejecting Yui, despite his “conscious” reasons.

Somewhere in the episode, there are also unique ways of resolving relationship issue which I haven’t discovered until I watched this anime. If you can’t fix it, just shatter it. This might sounds stupid, but it surprisingly practical and “might be” works. Again, remember: “This world is built upon prejudice and stereotyping”. If you ended up follow the current, no one can blame you because its a natural things to do. We called it as “conformity” this conformity is particularly strong towards peers group and particularly towards teenagers. This can be quite an issue since bullying is often be done in groups, and no one can actually do anything towards it. They’re either stay away from it or just get along with it. That was why the answer is “Shatter it” make that group doubt their intimate relationship, and they would stop bullying, since the conformity factor is gone.

This anime is quite scary at how it touch realistically towards humans relationship issue. Especially towards the unique ones. The train of thoughts inside Hachiman is also pretty well arranged which leave you in doubt if is it really something a highschooler could be thingking?

Finally, the last word: The animation is so painful to watch, but the OP/ED song is really nice to hear. IF ONLY BRAINS BASE COULD SPEND MORE PENNY ON IT!!!!

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Nichijou: The Anticlimax

Kakakakakata omoi

people might said: "Meh, the same sh*t again"

Nichijou (日常) Means “My Ordinary Life”. Judging by this title alone, one should’ve figured it out that this will be another Slife of Lice genre. I mean “Slice of Life” :D. But, the fact is, this anime is nowhere near “Ordinary Life” because the amount of absurdities it has. So, many were shouted like “wtf did I just watch?” or “wut? its not SoL, its nowhere near SoL” or “Meh, another moeblob anime by KyoAni” or “Can I has cheeseburger?” *cough* panic *cough*. Well, people might forget the most important fact, that is: this is “My” Ordinary Life, not My “Ordinary” Life. Heavy emphasis on the subject, since if we’re talking about the raw stories, things like bumping someone because you’re in a hurry, greeting your friends with foreign language, until having a very very bad day in your life whereas a rain suddenly pouring down are perfectly “Ordinary” to me. The difference is with the effects and response this show gives are different based on the characters and pretty “astronomical” obviously.


Like when he fight with a deer

So, rather than laughing at the characters, I feels that the creator is trying to ask us to laugh at our own life experience but in a more (way more) comical ways. The execution is pretty good, the pace is fast, and the jokes are rather hit and miss. But, can’t help it, KyoAni and most other studios are making anime based on their main customer preferences. And obviously their main customer is Japanese people themselves. So, whether you get the jokes or not, well, that is your problem. But, I find that most people in internet communities are liking this show (ofc not counting the /a/-er(s)). Not only that, they also tend to give this show pretty high rating. So, if so, then This show will sell isn’t it?

a thousand yen

I'll buy it for a thousand yen!!

Well, not so fast. According to this article, Nichijou sales aren’t that great, heck even terrible. So there we’re asking, wtf Japan? are you a prick? etc. Well, that is not the point. The article says that the overall Kadokawa’s sales were terrible. Do you already figured it out? Good. Anyway, its not that bad actually, but just almost passing the break-even margin. And judging by the production value this anime had, obviously it is not cheap.

where are you going?

Wait, not so fast. Where are you going?

Now then, there should be some reasons why it sales were that bad. Most people blaming the Kadokawa’s poor strategy marketing (The BluRay is expensive and doesn’t really worth the price). Well, partly that is true, but still not true enough. There are also several factor which also played some part with it.

Yukko's Geass

Why didn't you obey me?

Okay first, it didn’t scream  for otaku to buy it, or crave it, or whatever words you might want to use. I didn’t speak about the BluRay, but about the show itself. Even though it is a very good adaptation, but who wants to buy it for whatever its worth? The seiyuu are not so pandering (unlike Nana Mizuki or Kugimiya Rie), and the original story is a superficial-unpopular manga which I didn’t even know until this show had been announced. But, that said, K-ON! is also have some newbie seiyuu, and derived from 4koma manga but it still sells like crazy. LOL


They're both Mio, but why Mio sells more than Mio? Does that mean Mio > Mio? Or probably Mio < Mio? One thing for sure is Mio =/=Mio

Second, several people said that KyoAni leaving their safe side by making this show “less moe”. Some people might argue about it, but the fact is indeed like that. Unlike KyoAni’s previous works, the design character for this anime is nowhere near “moe”. And so as the character traits. The only character with “moe” personality is only Tachibana Misato, the “gundere”. And probably “Shinonome Nano” that android. Of course people will still argue but, are you going to believe on the tea lover that a certain tea is not very sweet, or a tea hater who said that certain tea is still very sweet? Well, your call


One thing for sure is, Minakami Mai is the biggest troll together with Kuubey and Orihara Izaya (IMO)

Third, probably…. again… “probably“… Nichijou is KyoAni’s anticlimax. Which also means that this is the beginning of their fall. But again, this is only my thought. You are free to counter it. And also, its not like every KyoAni’s works are selling that good. FMP second raid, fumoffu, Munto or Haruhi 2009 are the good examples. Also, there is still a chance that KyoAni would do another project together with Key on the upcoming 2013 or 2014 (2012 already filled anyway) which supposedly have more promises compared to Kadokawa. And also, Key have tendencies to negotiate with KyoAni first if possible. That also explain why Little Buster still doesn’t have any anime adaptation until now (December 10, 2011). And Angel Beats! is not Key’s project but Jun Maeda’s own business with P.A. Works (and not a VN adaptation obviously).

Angel Beats VS Haruhi

I always wondering, why Jun made something like this?

So, there we go. A good anime works doesn’t always sells. Studios might lost million dollars to make a good anime, but it still doesn’t guarantee it’s success in the financial sector. So, this explain why a lot of studios playing the safe hands by using any tropes which are popular at the time, and try to milk for whatever its worth.

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Fall Anime Season Sneak Peek (Extended)

Okay, when I turned the computer yesterday, suddenly I remembered:

8. Mirai Nikki / Future Diary

Yandere Yuno

Hello there, what're you afraid of?

Adapted from an ever been popular manga by the same title. The story is about a boy (named Yukiteru, I guess?) who’re somehow ended up in a survival game. And bla bla bla…

At first, I can’t take this anime seriously. Why? First, the main character is a middleschooler. Second, he is just like any other lousy shonen characters. Second and a half, Yuno suddenly kissed the main protagonist (LoL wut?). Third, “Mur Mur”. Fourth, Uryu Minene is completely ridiculous. WTF that smoke rocket launched from under her skirt? And where that Ducati came from? Don’t tell me her under-skirt is a Doraemon’s pocket, LoL.

But, I decided to keep on watching this series when the henshin maniac appeared “HENSHIN!!” LoL. Anyway, from the style this anime is “supposedly” targeted at PG – 13. But, after watching it, the story is elaborated nicely even tho from the screenplay aspect is still mediocre.

Anyway, worth it? Definetely! Especially, If you’re someone who are open-minded. But again, different people have different taste.

9. C^3 / CubexCursedxCurious

Fear got bored

Depends on your age it can be a crime

Ever watched Baka to Test? Like it? Higurashi? also like it? Then, this anime is meant for you.

People might say the plot turnover is unexpected. But for me, its completely to be expected. It just have the same vibe as it’s predecessor from the very beginning far beginning, before this anime even aired.

The production quality is rather same with Baka Test (even the toning factor) But of course is a bit higher.

Anyway, worth it? Like I said, If you like Baka Test, Higurashi or maybe Elfen Lied, then probably, this anime is meant for you. But, there is something to note about the R-17 contents. Be prepared, by any means necessary, positively or negatively. To be honest, I did felt guilty after watching it (I am platonic, problem?) so make sure you’re prepared. And no, I won’t bitch about it. Like I said, different people do have different taste.


So, that’s all I’ve picked with one dropped and one on hold, so there are only 7 active. Well, that is quite a lot. I still remember only picking less than 5 on the previous seasons. So, this season is like a heaven. And also not to mention any others like: Bakuman 2, Squid Girl 2, AGE, Shana 3, Ben-to, etc etc. The competition is really tough this season isn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, see y next time.

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Fall Anime Season Sneak Peek

Fall 2011 Anime List

De List

Fall season came with such hype. A lot of overhyped anime brawling in this season. Each one have their different target and objective. But, one thing for sure, they are all aiming to become the next great series of the year. But, it would be pointless if the viewer doesn’t like it, isn’t it? So, I’ll try to have a sneak peek (quick review) of whatever series that’ve been made a contact with my eyes.

Based on what I’ve watched:

1. Fate/Zero

Fate Zero

I'm really glad, no annoying boy

So, who doesn’t know the famous/infamous Fate/Stay Night title. Any anime enthusiastic should at least ever heard this title once. While the previous FSN anime which was brought by the infamous Studio DEEN have a lot of pros/cons debate (I’m in cons side anyway :p), Fate/Zero is taken by another famous studio ufotable (Kara no Kyoukai). F/Z adapted from the Light Novel also by TYPE-MOON. This title is set as the prequel from FSN, The Holy Grail War which happened 10 years ago (from FSN pov).

So? How was it? It is really good, I can’t stop taking the tissues. Is it a porn movie? ufotable have outdone themselves. The graphic, animation, character art, animation are all outstanding. Somehow, it kinda reminds me about Kara no Kyoukai. Add LiSA as the OP/ED performer just made it more fantastic. Probably, the most irritating for the fans is the talking scene. It was so boring. One of them actually suggested that EP 1 should be written as a PDF file. Well, that is for the hardcore fans, but what about the weeaboos newbies? (like me? :)) Of course the first episode is important to place the back story, so the first timer wouldn’t be confused later.

So? Is it really worth to watch? Definitely worth it. But, who am I to force you to watch it? I still remember one of my mate don’t really like this show, so he gonna drop it.

2. Persona 4 The Animation

Persona 4 Anime

Jang, Jang, Jang

Adapted from the already (very) popular game which also called “Persona 4”, or also known as “Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4”. Do I have ever played the game? The hell I have. I don’t even played the previous Persona 3/2/1 nor played any other Shin Megami Tensei games before. This anime is a standalone package, so this is not a sequel. So, there is only a very few base knowledge needed in order to enjoy watching this series (oops, I get confused with my statement). At any case, please do understand that “Pokemon” =/= “Persona” << this understanding is very important, so please engrave it hardly in to your soul.

Anyway, is it good? Well, if you like it then it is good. I only find a few problem with it though. Mainly, its about the character design art, especially the toning for the faces is really disturbing is a way. Other than that, I didn’t find any serious problem at all.

So, worth it? If you like Casual RPG, then you might like it. Otherwise, ….. well give it a try, at least the main character is not sitting next to the windows :))

3. Wgnaria 2 / Working’!! / Working!! Season 2

Wagnaria 2

Guess who comes back?

Another one by A-1 Picture, a story about a family restaurant bla bla bla bla….

Anyway, it is really refreshing to watch a 4koma-based sitcom anime once in a while. On that list, Working!! is one of them. After having a fatal blow from taking K-ON!! head on, now the group of hardworking people on restaurant is taking another chance to shine on 4koma corner.

Still with the same characters and the same setting, A-1 Picture is handling this sequel in the same manner as the Season 1. Of course there are some slightest change here and there, the handling is a bit messy, but it still a-okay in overall. Some of the jokes and punchline are more elaborated and not too scripted like in the first season.

Anyway, worth it? Dude, sometimes a man needs a rest. And watching a light sitcom show won’t hurt. 🙂

4. Last Exile: Fam The Silver Wings

Last Exile season 2

Wanna make a contract?

A lot of hardcore fans have been bitching about this title already. They claimed that this second installment is a big disappointment. Though I don’t remember that the first season is going anywhere near great. But, it still a good series.

A lot of fans have been far afraid that this second season will be more like “soranowoto” (How it spelled again?). The reason is the main characters are female. Yep, you heard me, all of those fans are trying to stereotyping in gender issue :p. But, I find it quite ridiculous. First, Claus is nowhere near impressive; Second, how many do you think female pilots in our real life are? But, I guess that is not the issue. One of them said that the main character is too much cherish and her happy-go-lucky attitudes seems the most irritating the fans (I don’t know which fans). Let me ask you a simple question: If Captain Jack Sparrow was a gloomy character, can he reach his popularity as it is now? So, you get the point, They’re Sky Pirates afterall.

Is it worth it? Actually, it still between yes and no. But, if you into steampunk, then this anime is worth to try. Otherwise, then try it. Then, let me know if you like this concept or not.

5. Guilty Crown


Now, this better. If you know what I mean

You know, when Trollduction I.G announced this series: supercell as the theme song composer? (hoooraaaayyy!!); redjuice doing the character design? (banzaaaaaiiii!!); Aired on noitaminA slot? (can’t wait for it!); The first footage came out? (*eyes popped out*); The story description came out? (LOL wut??); The game already announced before its premiere? (??); The first episode premiered? (…….., are you sure we’re not being trolled?).

Well, that sums it all. The only good thing about this anime is the graphic animation (also character design and effect) and the music. Yep, that is about all. At least until this point (Ep 4, red). To be honest, I don’t really want to talk about this anime. Because for me it just like the biggest joke ever created aside from Endless 8. Rather than cheap, this anime is more like an expensive parody act. Code Geass, Evangelion, Oreimo, etc etc.

Worth it? For the time being is not. But if you enjoy something like Ao no Exorcist, Sacred 7 or HOTD, then you might as well check it.

6. Un-Go


lotsa writing dere

Another noitaminA anime. This one already announced a movie before it’s first airing. Much like Blood-C isn’t it? Nothing much could be talked about this anime anyway. Because this anime is totally depends on the catered audiences. And obviously, I’m not one of them. Bones trying to build the hype, but it seems they failed miserably. Well, its not their fault, because there are lots of much more hyped anime this season afterall.

Hatsune Miku

Another catering attemp?

The story is quite typical. Typical on detective kind of story in anime ofc. There are someone dying/died, idiotic police(s), and cool looking hero solving the case. The end. Well, you get the point.

Worth it? If you like Detective Conan, GOSICK, Dantalian, or No.6; Then, probably this anime is meant for you.

7. Boku Ha Tomodachi Ga Sukunai


Harem? or ....

I don’t know what this series is all about. But, after only peeking a little. I assume that this one is an idealistic-otaku-life-which-don’t-have-many-friends wrapped in a sitcom setting. And not to forget, a few fanservices won’t hurt.

I myself still on OVA 1 and ep 1. So, I can’t tell much. The reason is? I have a bit trouble with a certain device.

Anyway, if you like Denpa Onna, Baka to test, or Toradora! (?). You might as well check it.


Well, seems that is all that I’ve picked this season. Added two more summer titles which still not finished yet (trough second half). You know, every human have limits. And this is my limit 🙂

See you again next time

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“K-ON!” a Cancer That Kills The Anime


What'd you see....?

What are you thinking when hearing the word “K-ON!” or “Keion!”? Maybe I’ll get different kind of answers. From “It’s gay” to “the best anime”. But certainly “K-ON!” is the popular name of one of deadliest killing cancer recently. Yep, “K-ON!” is a cancer. Every single things which are related or unrelated to fandom were plastered by “K-ON!”s attributes. Lets name few of them: Fender Jazz Bass 3 Color Sunburst; Before “K-ON!” first aired (2009), this bass guitar is only famous among musicians or those who have music hobbies. But, after this anime aired, this instrument suddenly out of stock and Japanese shops ordered 3 years stock. source, another news

Mio Akiyama

Fender Jazz Bass never been like this before

Now the question is, at what cause that this cancer thrives on Japanese culture and economics? Hold on, I’ll leave the answer to those who are more understand about J-culture. Now, let us move to the next question, is this anime really worth to watch and deserve the awards like it is now? (refer to: “15th Animation Kobe Award” kategori “The best TV Anime on 2010”)

Kyoto Animation spoil the party

Nice troll KyoAni

“K-ON!” is a difficult subject to talk, especially the season 2. Because not every persons like this kind of genre, moreover without any shounen protagonist in it. And because “Arguably, there is no (deep) plot in this title”. I’m using the word “arguably” because this anime actually adapted from a 4koma manga. Yep, this a 4koma title, of course you can’t compare it to any other anime which are adapted from shonen manga, LN or VN. There is a limit to block-headed-ness.

Ritsu's brother

we do have a shonen character, but...

This time, I wanted to try to talk about it (just a bit). But, I don’t know from where to start. How about if we commented on several unreasonable stigmas thrown by anti-fans? I’ll cite some of them but I won’t give a detailed source for security reasons (Overacted mode: ON!).

we're always listening

we're always listening

  1. “An anime made by male for male” (ANN). “K-ON!” is an anime which the main characters are all female. But, that doesn’t mean that this anime is just a fapping material by and for male. The fact is, all the main cast, director, scriptwriter, chief animation, and character designer are all female. Almost every single main posts are filled with ladies. Also, another fact is that this anime is not only popular on male otakus, but also popular on female fans. And not only popular among the fans, but also popular among professional and doujin music artists.

    K-ON!'s director

    Say hello to the director

  2. “Not enough music in this anime about music” (MAL). There are some notes needed to know before or after watching this anime. One of them is: Of course it is not an anime about music you dumbass (I always wanted to say that JK). The original source itself didn’t talk that much about music. But, I’m about to count, the “unique tracks” was quite a lot. Including the musics which just been mentioned at a glace like “Honey Sweet Tea Time” by “Kotobuki Tsumugi” or “Tokimeki Sugar” which derived from a poem by Akiyama Mio. And there is still more of it. And actually nobody said that this is a musical anime. But this anime is a “Slice of Life, Comedy and Music” << that music is a bonus. And because, this anime is not about music, but this is a story about these girls who aren’t together to make a band or making music or become number one in Oricon chart. They’re making a band because they’re together, They’re in the band because of the people in it. This clearly understandable on 9, 11-12 or season 1. And if we’re talking about quality, certainly all the theme songs are not half-assedly done. There are quality in it. This was proved by every singles and albums almost never absent from the Oricon top list (That, or who knows for whatever reason, LOL).

    Miogurine Luka

    All is thanks to "Don't Say Lazy" and "Fuwa Fuwa Time" which both performed beautifully by Akiyama Mio (Yoko Hikasa)

  3. “People always says about character development, char development my ass these girls still act the same as before” (ANN). Well, the character is exist, those who said otherwise must be thick headed, didn’t pay any attention or were being sleepy when watching it. Four senior members (the founder four) became more mature. Hirasawa Yui became more reflective and more aware. Tainaka Ritsu became more responsible even though still act as a “boke character”. Akiyama Mio became more of herself and not positioned as a mascot anymore. And also Kotobuki Tsumugi. Previously in season 1, she (Mugi) always looks like someone who are outside the circle. Everyone have their own counterpart. Ritsu and Mio is a best friend, Nodoka and Yui is a childhood friend, and also Azusa still have Jun and Ui. This leave her in a sad state, and this matter expressed by her in eps 14 season 2 (if I’m not mistaken). But, “K-ON!” will never let you down and become emo. Rather than being desperate and whine that “the world is suck”. Mugi solved her problem in an unexpected way (It is a bit predicted, but it depends on your pov).
    About to get beaten up

    Now, I know their motives

    “Nakano Azusa” is “The last part of Houkago Tea Time”. She is the only junior in the “Light Music Club”. That’s why her perspective and her feelings will always different from others. Azusa’s “emotion buildup” was already visible at the end of Eps 15 season 2 (If I remember correctly), when she realized that soon she will be alone. KyoAni carefully capture this moment and built it up episode by episode until the peak episode of 24. Every dynamics between characters designed very carefully, so you won’t get lost like “eh, why was they together again?”. And also, this kind of execution make it possible to bring forth various feelings easily and didn’t feel like it was being forced at all. And its not only those five characters, there is also “Yamanaka Sawako” whose looks more like a teacher. She even had her own side story. Also more characters do have their own “face” and “character”. Starting form grandma next door, classmates, until Sawako’s old friends. Props to KyoAni for superb character development.

    Minna de Untan (?)

    Featured characters from season 2

  4. “It’s pointless / plotless, etc” (The most common argument stated in almost every forum). I’d say “O’RLY?”, actually in every episodes no matter how small, there is always a story in it. And of course the story is only per episode. This is in fact state another superiority, because the audience won’t have any burden to follow this anime every weeks because of cliffhanger (*cough* B-O-N *cough*). Also, it is labelled as “Slice of Life”. So, I ask you, do your life have any plot? How interesting it is? Hmm…? Moreover, there are a lot of people who are too tired to get confused by plots after working / doing college assignments all day long. So, a show about “cute girls doing cute things” become one of their coping method. And also because not every people have a loose schedule like you are. And complicated or twisted story is not always interesting to watch. KyoAni successfully turned a simple 4koma manga to be the most considered new power in the anime industry.

    moeblob henshin!

    And speaking about the story, there is a certain story in ep 20 which is probably the best story execution in history of audio-visual media. The question is, how can a simple conversation became the most “teary-jerk” moment which spill all the fans in despair and ranting “I don’t want it to end”. And also I bet this is probably the best reason why the heck this moeblob anime getting such rating. Certainly, this is a big slap to the modern anime industry. When any other studios racing to get the best source of gold for their next big things project, KyoAni showed up with a troll “hey, I only have a crude stone, but I can make it shinier than any gold or diamond”. So, it is way easier to write a drama or tragedy story and getting too emotional in it. But for a 4koma sitcom story? You must be kidding me. But, of course different experience from different people.

    After Concert Scene

    I still remember the beautiful sunset at that evening

  5. “The Best Anime? “K-ON!!”? ROFL” (ANN). This related to this show’s title at “15th Animation Kobe Award” as “The Best Anime TV Series”. Honestly, if I may say, yes “K-ON!” is not the best anime ever made. But, like what Azusa said “You’re not that good. But, somehow it made me want to listen to it more. Encore!”. Yes, more or less “K-ON!” is like what Azusa had been said, It is not that good actually, but somehow I want to watch it more. Encore!!. This show is unlike any other anime which rely on plot or storyline, but it depends mostly on the character attachment. This is probably the reason why this show have a very high rewatch value, and thus affected the judgement and evaluation. But, who knows?
4koma manga

This is what its called, an equal standing

Lastly (but not very least), I still have more to say, but because I feels too tired, should we continue next time…, “K-ON!” is indeed not an anime for everyone. And how can a show encompass all the desire, aspiration or taste every single people? And also, cute girls doing cute things is not something new, it exist way before this anime ever aired. But There are only very few anime which can spread the cancer like “K-ON!” does. Not only limited to fandom, but also non-fandom stuff (Oricon chart, Music stores, HS club, etc).

Evangelion 2.0

What would happen if one cancer meet another?

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